Zeeuws-Vlaamse folk artist Broeder Dieleman and I collaborated on the album art for his latest release ‘De Liefde is de Eerste Wet’ (love is the first law). An avid PAPER CUTTER, he presented me with stacks of hand cut paper art, as well as hand created paper sheets that he made of locally found reed, leaves and feathers. Whereas he works with organic materials and creates softer, more natural looks, my work is bold and in your face. While designing, I found that the contrast between the two of us worked very well. I kept it clean, while he kept it dirty. When we presented the bright yellow and black concept to the record label and some close friends of Broeder Dieleman, some feathers were ruffled. Thats when we knew: this is the way to go. The end result is a bold, bright statement in the form of a vinyl record + sleeve, and a CD + sleeve. I added a small easter egg: the little hares on the vinyl chase each other when it spins, a reference to the song ‘gerammel’ (which is Dutch for rabbits and hares fucking)


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